Thinking and working together to achieve a common goal.

Inclusion and job retention are mainly the objectives of the approach proposed by Action main-d'oeuvre inc. However, we are aware that employment is part of a global picture of life that includes several other goals for the people we work with. In this context, collaboration between all the parties involved is important and becomes a key element of success concerning this approach to employment.

Consequently, advisors from Action main-d'oeuvre inc. wish to:

  • work with the family and the professionals who accompany people receiving our services. This gives them access to a better understanding of the situation and all the needs. * It is necessary to underline that exchanges with a third person have to be agreed upon by the participant, in order to protect privacy.
  • work with associations and other organizations to develop their knowledge of the services offered elsewhere and to refer the participant to them if necessary.
  • work with other partners to improve service delivery.

Collaboration with the health and social service network

If you have any questions about our services or opportunities for collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here are some examples of well-established collaboration:

  • presentation of services to students completing their secondary school career
  • participation in meetings related to the TEVA intervention plan
  • participation in meetings related to the psychosocial intervention plan
  • development and participation in training projects (pre-employability)
  • participation in the Montréal Concertation Tables
  • participation in awareness-raising events: Autism Fair, Symposium of the CRDITED Montreal Users' Committee, etc.

Collaboration with the family

Your support and encouragement can make a difference!

The work of advisors of Action main-d'oeuvre inc. is always oriented towards the development of the participant's autonomy in terms of job seeking and retention. Therefore, counselors work directly with people with autism or with intellectual disabilities. As this can be hard, the support you can offer is always valuable because it can act as an enabler.

To support you in this collaboration, answer your questions and share your experiences, here is a list of parent's associations :

  • Association de Parents pour la Déficience Intellectuelle et les Troubles Envahissants du Développement (APDITED)
  • Association du Québec pour l’Intégration Sociale (AQIS)
  • Regroupement de Parents de Personne Ayant une Déficience Intellectuelle de Montréal (RPPADIM)
  • Regroupement des Aidantes et Aidants Naturels de Montréal (RAANM)
  • Solidarité de Parents de Personnes Handicapées (SPPH)
  • Autisme Montréal (ATEDM)
  • Fédération Québécoise de l’Autisme (FQA)
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