Preparation and job seeking

Preparation and job seeking

Once you have registered with us, you will meet with an employment counselor who will draw up a plan of action for you according to your needs. The activities related to your approach are developed according to two objectives: preparing to enter the labor market and developing one's autonomy in job seeking. The path you will make may include one, several, or all of the following steps.

Employability assessment:
Am I ready to work? What do I know about the labour market ?
You identify with your advisor basic job skills that are necessary for a job (punctuality, collaboration, stress tolerance, etc.).
You also discuss what the labour market is, according to you.

Realistic career choice: 
What job would I like to occupy? Am I able to do it? If I do not know, can I try different jobs?
You explore and identify with your advisor your interests in the field and type of employment you wish to occupy.
You also evaluate your abilities to determine if it is realistic to target the chosen job.
At this stage, it may be possible to conduct an exploratory training session to confirm interests and abilities.

Developing employability:  
Developing my knowledge of the labour market and my professional skills.
You discuss with your advisor the reality of the job market and its requirements.
You also discuss your rights and responsibilities as an employee.
You identify what are the social skills related to the job and your advisor can help you develop those that are not already acquired.
Your advisor can refer you to external pre-employability programs if you are not ready for a regular job.

Job search preparation: 
What tools do I need? How do I search? How can I highlight my skills to a future employer?
Your advisor helps you write your resume and cover letter.
You identify relevant job seeiking tools and your advisor teaches you how to use them or support you in their use.
You practice for job interviews by doing simulations with your advisor.

Job search:
Targeting available jobs and meeting employers
You organize your job seeking with your advisor and he or her offers you support as needed to accomplish this research.
Your advisor can contact prospective employers to introduce you and explain our services.
Your counselor can accompany you to the hiring interview.

Assessment of employment and work environment:
Trying the job and defining support needs
When an employer wants to hire you, your advisor plans your 2-day trial and will accompany you if necessary.
Your advisor assesses the duties associated with the position offered to you and the coaching available in the workplace. This is to determine with you what your employment support needs will be.

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