Action main-d’œuvre inc. provides services to individuals who need individual support specifically tailored to their job search and retention.

The services offered are aimed at both the following: 

  • People with intellectual disabilities
  • People with autism

These services are part of a comprehensive approach to employment based on assessment of people's individual needs and on recognition and exploitation of their strengths.
Services are offered in French or English.

To see details on all the steps involved in this process, please visit the PARTICIPANTS section.

The Organization also provides support services to employers who wish to hire or have previously employed people with autism and/or intellectual disabilities

Services for employers include:

  • Analysis of position to be filled and pre-selection of potential candidates
  • Individual employee support: learning support, productivity assessment, workplace adaptation, continuous monitoring as required
  • Assessment of the need for countervailing measures (financial assistance)
  • Staff awareness and training for supervisors

Visit the EMPLOYERS section for more details on our services.

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